Abyss Explorer Drysuit

Abyss' Explorer suit is the perfect combination of price, warmth, and durability for the demanding recreational or working diver. Its 6.5mm(7mm) neoprene will keep you warm in the harshest conditions you ever imagine, while providing you with the worry free comfort of durable outer waffle woven nylon.

Material - 7mm High Density Neoprene with Strongpad Outer Coating

Entry - Shoulder

Standard Features
- All Interior Seams Polymer Sealed
- Exterior Zipper Guard
- Kevlar Kneepad
- YKK Dry Zipper
- Heavy Duty Vulcanized Boots

Made in Canada

Weezle Compact & Extreme Undersuits

The Compact undersuit offers thermal protection, suitable for under neoprene or for warmer waters.

The Extreme Original Weezle Undersuit offering excellent all year round thermal protection under any type of drysuit in waters similar to those around the United Kingdom

Weezle Extreme Boots

Cold feet are a major complaint of divers. Weezle boots use the same innovative materials as used in our undersuits.